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In the territory of the Hawk

The conscious treatment of nature has been part of SWAROVSKI OPTIK´s philosophy for 70 years 

SWAROVSKI OPTIK was founded 1949 by Wilhelm Swarovski, in Absam, Tyrol. The founder saw nature as a refuge, a source of inspiration, as well as an experimenting ground for new products. He has chosen the “Habicht” (which is not only the German word for “hawk,” but also a striking mountain peak in the Tyrolean Alps) as perfect symbol of what the company is about and of the purpose of our products: A symbol of how we understand sustainability – an imposing mountain peak, a majestic bird of prey, and the SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars, manufactured more than 60 years ago.


Discover the world´s beauty with respect

Today SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been synonymous with long-range optics of the highest precision, easy to recognize by the simple design that conveys a high-class, understated look and keeps its technical secrets hidden within. Our aim is to help people to love nature and encourage them to treat it with care and respect as a guest. What we want is for people to discover the world’s beauty with the eyes of the hawk and be able to enjoy those precious moments. The pleasure of observing nature enriches our life and allows us to draw strength and inspiration from these ever so fleeting, yet unforgettable moments. 

Both the company head office and main production site are located in Absam, Tyrol, Austria, in the midst of the alps, surrounded by wonderful nature, rough rocks, and unique flora and fauna.

Family Business down to generations

As a family firm, with strong roots in Tyrol, an area of exceptional beauty, we consider it our duty to care for the environment, protect nature, and preserve the diversity of species. Our definite commitment to the company’s location in Absam means that we are making a major contribution to the region’s strong development. There is also SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s support for sustainable growth and continuity down the generations. We operate in three main business areas: hunting, birding & wildlife observation, and travel & leisure. The relevant target groups are of equal value and independent alongside each other, and have evolved historically with the company.

In 2008 the company kindergarten “OptikS Wichtelwald” opened its doors to support families and children and promote a family-work balance

Sustainability across the whole value-added chain

Our business strategy is sustainable per se. We operate sustainability across the whole value-added chain and the related strategic process. We use this strategy as a basis to set specific requirements and objectives for each single area, thus ensuring that sustainability is established throughout the company.


Today, due to our sustainable growth strategy, we are able to employ more than 950 employees all over the world and we understand it as our duty to follow this path to safeguard SWAROVSKI OPTIK for future generations. Our vision convey the significance that sustainability has for SWAROVSKI OPTIK, as an integral feature itself: on the one hand, courage, appreciation of quality, and foresight and, on the other, treating each other and nature with consideration. This “spirit” of SWAROVSKI OPTIK – the very soul of our company – has made us strong and successful, and obliges us to act responsibly for the good of all, which involves harmonizing financial, environmental, and social aspects.

We´ve been training apprentices for more than 60 years in our own apprentice workshops. Many of them remain with Swarovski Optik and work for the company after they have completed their apprenticeship

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To underline our sustainable approach and our corporate values and behavior we´ve published our  Sustainability Report  based on international G4 standards in 2016. 

Included in this report is also our hunting position.  

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